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You can’t cook in your kitchen with a broken stove or oven. You need to schedule stove repair ASAP or there won’t be time to prepare a delicious dinner. We don’t want your family to go hungry! That’s why we are proud to offer same-day stove and oven repair for homes in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Our service connects customers with appliance repairmen able to fix all common stove, oven and range issues on all major brands and models. Local technicians have the tools and training to complete the job, often during their initial visit. We load service vans with manufacturer parts for major appliance brands. It’s our goal to find someone to repair your oven in plenty of time for dinner!



For an electric stove that won’t turn on, first ensure the appliance is plugged in and all circuit breakers are on. You should check the pilot light on gas models. If the stove is plugged in and the pilot light is lit in the oven, then another part will need repair. The cause of the problem could be the infinite switch, surface element, oven burner igniter or bake and broil element.


A stove or burner with no heat won’t do much good. Your oven won’t heat if there is a broken bake element or a malfunctioning oven sensor. A burner won’t turn on or heat if an element is broken or the burner switch or terminal block do not work. Professionals can repair these common issues fast. No problem!


You can assume the control board on a stove is broken if the timer or program settings do not work. In this case, we can replace control boards for GE, LG, Sears, Kenmore and several other brands of stoves and ranges.


You want a hot oven. But not too hot! If the heat is out of control, it could be due to a broken thermostat or sensor. Our appliance repairmen can diagnose the location of the problem and fix it. Be careful if troubleshooting this problem for fear of burns from the high and unpredictable heat source.


A common stove problem is that an igniter will glow but it will not light. The reason this occurs is from either a broken surface igniter, safety valve, electronic control or temperature sensor. Let a professional determine whether he can repair the parts or if he will need to replace the part.


Newer self-cleaning models of ovens sometimes have door problems. The door will not open after the cleaning cycle. A professional will inspect the door latch, seal and thermostat to identify why the door will not open and then complete the necessary repair in order to correct the problem.